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Remembrance Day Challenge Kit – For Educators

What if every student across Canada cared deeply about Remembrance Day?

The Remembrance Day Challenge Kit is available every fall and is designed for grades 5-10. 

What is a Challenge Kit?

Challenge Kits include a real-world problem for students to work through + a real-world partner who is interested in hearing from young people + tools to enable to problem solving process.

Remembrance Day Challenge Kit

Real-World Problem

How might we help our school design Remembrance Day to be meaningful to our school community?

Real-World Partner

Veterans, active military, historians, Veterans Affairs Canada, and more. 

Tools To Enable The Problem Solving Process

Some custom tools for this specific kit include video interviews from diverse folks within the military, a live speaker series, and a video collaboration with a historian and museum. 

Check out our Remembrance Day sample Challenge Kit to learn more.

Our Goal


…Big goal, one that is worth having and driving towards. Tough goals can’t be reached alone, at I-Think we know the power of community and different perspectives. 

Interested in having your students participate in a Remembrance Day Challenge or have any questions, let us know. 

I-Think Remembrance Day Challenge Kits

In Fall 2022, with the support of Veterans Affairs Canada, we piloted the (Re)member Challenge Kits across 6 schools in Ontario. 

The most challenging and entrenched problems we face start with a tension – where neither model completely meets our needs. Each tension of our Remembrance Day Kits was designed to:

  • Expand the experiences we honour and remember in our Remembrance Day traditions
  • Deepen learning that adds complexity to those experiences
  • Be historically accurate in our remembering, and disrupt the places where we are not

Since 2022 pilot we have worked with:

  • 1,500+ students
  • 14 schools
  • 39 classrooms
  • 56 educators and school leaders




Hear from Jamea Zuberi, Vice Principal with the Toronto District School Board, about the impact of the Remembrance Day Challenge Kit on the Market Lane Junior and Senior School community.

I-Think Remembrance Day Expansion

High engagement and interest from students, schools and community members allowed us to launch the 2023 Expansion of the Remembrance Day Challenge Kit.

New funding is focusing on designing meaningful student resources to create more opportunities for  students to hear from veterans, historians and those connected to war, conflict and peace from of diverse backgrounds and experiences. Ongoing conversations with Veteran Affairs Canada are informing and growing the impact of this challenge.
Our 2023 expansion included a Live Speaker Series, which allowed students to learn more from those connected to war and also have an opportunity to ask questions. Prior to the Live Speaker Series we had videos from the speakers to introduce them and their perspectives.

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