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Psst! Summer 2024 is for lounging and learning. Get the edge on next school year through the Real-World Problem Solving Institute and Mini Challenge Kits.

Dive into Real-World Problem Solving and hands-on learning that will have you recharged and ready to wow your students in the fall!

For Educators

Unlock remarkable possibilities through experiential learning with I-Think.

About I-Think

Young people need the tools and opportunity to learn skills for problem solving with tenacity and optimism. Help us unlock their potential.

I-Think works directly with the education systems to bring real-world problem solving into classrooms. Together with teachers like you, we have developed tools and processes that equip students with skills like critical thinking, innovation, creativity, communication, and collaboration.

In every remarkable classroom is a brave educator.

When you need the reminder read Love Letters to Educators.

Integrative Thinking

Guiding our work is the Integrative Thinking methodology, because over a decade of experience shows us that it ignites change in classrooms and schools and propels problem solvers into new ways of thinking.

We know one size doesn’t fit all, especially when it comes to your school community. At I-Think we believe in many remarkable possibilities, which includes customized programming that is right for your teachers and leadership team.

Interested in Integrative Thinking?

101 Series 

Take a look at our self-paced 101 Series courses. This series is for those new to Integrative Thinking, who want a deeper dive or a refresher to its toolbox.

I-Think Whole-School Experience

The I-Think Whole-School Experience empowers educators to transform their school into a hub of student engagement and collaboration around a pressing real-world issue that will ultimately lead to a tangible impact in their school or local community, and inspire the world. We provide all of the resources, tools and support to help you and your team transform your classroom(s) – from activity plans, classroom-ready slides and instructional materials…re-engage students in deep thinking and inspire their imagination to become the designers of a better world.

Challenge Kits

Challenge Kits include a real-world problem + a real-world partner, and tools to enable the problem solving process for both students and educators, while also being integrated into curriculum. Learn more about our Challenge Kits. Our Challenge Kits use Integrative Thinking. Interested in our Challenge Kits?

Our Challenge Kit Themes Include

  • Remembrance Day
  • AI
  • Community and Well-Being
  • Climate Action

Real-World Partners

These are people, organizations, schools and school boards who trust and value student thinking and are struggling with a real problem that needs a fresh perspective, and most importantly, are committed to taking action. 

Over the past 10+ years, students have had the opportunity to offer incredible and thoughtful recommendations for these partners. Learn about some of our partnerships by clicking below.

Current & Upcoming Events, Challenge Kits, Support Options & Programs

AI Readiness For Educators Workshop

Join I-Think’s one-day AI Readiness Program to demystify AI and gain knowledge and tools for using it in your teaching practice. There is a lot of AI information out there, this workshop is designed specifically for teachers in the classroom. This fall, we piloted an AI Challenge Kit and discovered a significant insight: educators need help…
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Mini Challenge Kits

Get ready for a mini kit resource to use throughout the year at a pace that works for you and your classroom. Get a bundle of 3 curriculum-connected, real-world problems for grades 5 – 8, that are situated in classroom, school and community contexts. Virtual Resource Session: August 23rd, 8:30-10am Fee for 3 Mini Challenge Kits: $199…
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Real-World Problem Solving Institute Summer 2024

Make your classroom the place students build on their real-world problem solving skills. Our annual Summer Institute is a 2.5 day in-person introduction to Real-World Problem Solving in downtown Toronto this August. This learning is for educators K – 12, across subject areas. Groups of 5 or more get a discount. Program Dates: August 20th –…
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Remembrance Day Challenge Kit 2024

Making Remembrance Day Meaningful We are looking for the first 20 educators who want to engage students on making Remembrance Day meaningful to the school community. This is an at-your-own-pace Challenge Kit to be done between September 16th and November 11th. This Challenge Kit is for grades 5 – 11.
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Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship Framework

Through experience in developing the Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship (ICE) framework in Ontario, defining well–being and working with school boards across Ontario, we have developed a replicable Real-World Problem Solving Journey based on Integrative Thinking that is fundamental to our Challenge Kits. 

I-Think’s 5-Track Highlight Reel

To welcome you into our community we have cultivated a reel of 5 videos to get you started. Our highlight reel includes an introduction to our guiding methodology, a story of student transformation, applying the tools with a school team to create better models, transforming school culture and the brilliance of kindergarten students.


Track 1

The Basics – Introduction to Integrative Thinking

We have seen Integrative Thinking make significant impact in the classroom—in student learning, skill development and teacher pedagogy.

Watch an overview of Integrative Thinking in the 3-minute video below, and learn more about the methodology here.

Track 2

Real-World Problem Solvers – Thinking Outside Of Other Peoples Boxes

In 12th grade, Sakaana Yasotharan participated in a 6-week Integrative Thinking project that had a lasting impact on her mindset. Read more about why the project was meaningful to Sakaana here. In the 7-minute video below, Sakaana shares the journey of her mindset shift and the impact of the project at a People for Education conference.

Track 3

Applying The Tools For School Problem Solving

Principal Audrey Hensen shares an example of using the Pro-Pro Chart with one of her school teams to address parental concerns about a dual-track French immersion and English track program within the school. Rather than tell parents they were wrong, doubling down on the French or English track, Audrey and a collaborative team of teachers created better models with the Pro-Pro Chart.

Track 4

Shifting Culture In School Community

Sharron Rosen and Laura Frew were seeking new ways to bring the lived experiences of their students into the classroom. They hadn’t anticipated that their students’ thinking would lead a culture shift in their school community. 

Watch Sharron, Laura and principal Cassandra Alviani-Alvarez reflect on the impact of Integrative Thinking on their school community in the 5-minute video below. 

Track 5

Kindergarten, Really?

Yes! Kindergarten students are capable and see possibility everywhere. Integrative Thinking provided the framework for Rachael Chang to re-frame a daunting tension into a meaningful student-led inquiry. Watch her reflection in the 7-minute video below, and learn more about Rachel’s snail challenge here.

Case Studies

Take a look at these case studies and stories to learn about how our work unlocked remarkable possibilities for educators, young people, and communities.

Want to unlock remarkable possibilities for your classrooms? Let us know!

I-Think is an education charity that believes a better world depends upon equipping young people with the skills and confidence to drive change.

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