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Psst! Summer 2024 is for lounging and learning. Get the edge on next school year through the Real-World Problem Solving Institute and Mini Challenge Kits.

Dive into Real-World Problem Solving and hands-on learning that will have you recharged and ready to wow your students in the fall!


Unlocking Remarkable Possibilities

About Us

Over a decade of change

We are an education charity that believes a better world depends on equipping young people with the skills and confidence to drive change.

We work with all levels of the education systems from K-12.

Why I-Think?

Unlock Voice

Student thinking will be heard by the real world and will have an impact on it. The world needs remarkable young people. 

Unlock Classrooms

Transform classrooms into a hub of experiential and collaborative problem solving.

Unlock Possibilities

Work with the issues you care about, think deeply about a better answer and join the chorus of young people to build a better world. 

For Educators

Unlocking remarkable possibilities through experiential learning

The Whole School Experience empowers educators to transform the learning environment into a hub of student engagement and collaboration around a pressing real-world issue that will ultimately lead to a tangible impact in the immediate school or local community, and inspire the world.

We provide all of the support tools to help you and your team transform your classroom(s) into a hub of experiential and collaborative problem solving with activity plans, classroom-ready slides and instructional materials that re-engage your students in deep thinking and inspire their imagination to become the designers of a better world.

For Partners and Funders 

Unlock remarkable possibilities through student thinking and systems change

The challenges facing our world aren’t getting any easier. Young people have fresh perspectives and insights that can challenge how each of us sees the world.

Young people need the tools and opportunity to learn skills for problem solving with tenacity and optimism. Help us unlock their potential.

I-Think works directly with public school systems to bring real-world problem solving into classrooms with a proven set of tools and processes that teach students skills like critical thinking, innovation, creativity, communication, and collaboration.

Challenge Kits

Challenge Kits include a real-world problem for students to work through + a real-world partner + tools to enable the problem solving process.

Challenge Kits

Real-World Problem

Real-World Partner

Tools To Enable The Problem Solving Process

Close the textbooks

Why Real-World Problem Solving?

“We know we’re going to face really hard real-world problems. We deserve a chance to work on them now.

If we only teach problem solving as a theoretical activity, that doesn’t apply, we are not preparing us for our present or future. We know we’re going to face really hard real-world problems. We deserve a chance to work on them now. Not just later.”

– Student, Central Technical School

What is Integrative Thinking?

Integrative Thinking was created by Roger Martin during his time at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. This replicable and creative problem-solving process leverages tensions and different perspectives to get to better answers.

Interested in Integrative Thinking?

RJS Scholarship

The RJS Scholarship in Integrative Thinking is for students who have become better thinkers and problem solvers because of their experiences with Integrative Thinking.

The scholarship provides $4,000 for each year of a student’s undergraduate program at the University of Toronto. This scholarship was established by Roger and Sue Short, Roger Martin and Jennifer Riel.

Case Studies

Check out these case studies and stories to learn more about the impact of our work.

Our Impact

At I-Think, we work with all levels of educators so that every school is a place where everyone is thriving and is passionate about learning. See our latest Year In Review here. We are honoured to have gotten to work with: 







“I saw more engagement from my class than any other day so far. It made it local and relatable to them.”

– Jennifer Cooper

“When you get to work with real-world organizations, you get a sense of discovery of what the world truly looks like and how different communities operate and function.”

– Hafsa, grade 7 student, Toronto DSB

“This is something students are going to remember forever. The free thinking that the Challenge Kits created is well worth the time and energy. The takeaway for them is so deep.”

-Tracy Terry, Halton DSB Virtual Schools, grade 7

“We are the key to our future. We have to let students imagine and decide a future they want, and ensure ways we can take action for it.”

– Student, Central Technical School

I-Think is an education charity that believes a better world depends upon equipping young people with the skills and confidence to drive change.

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