Summer Opportunities For Teachers

Psst! Summer 2024 is for lounging and learning. Get the edge on next school year through the Real-World Problem Solving Institute and Mini Challenge Kits.

Dive into Real-World Problem Solving and hands-on learning that will have you recharged and ready to wow your students in the fall!

Our Partners

We connect people, organizations, schools and school boards who trust and value student thinking and are struggling with a real problem that needs a fresh perspective, and most importantly, are committed to taking action.

Over the past 10+ years, students have had the opportunity to offer incredible and thoughtful recommendations for these partners. 

Why Partner with I-Think?

Unlock remarkable possibilities through student thinking and systems change.

Your partnership will help transform Canada’s classrooms into hubs for real problem solving and fuel youth to be designers of a better world.

Organizations Students Have Helped

School Boards & Independent School Partners

I-Think is an education charity that believes a better world depends upon equipping young people with the skills and confidence to drive change.

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