q I-Think Celebration of Thinking 2023

Celebration of Thinking 2023

In June, 2023 we gathered for our annual Celebration of Thinking. This time was incredibly special, like almost everything in the world we had to pivot to virtual gatherings for the prior 3 years due to the pandemic. Working with the education system that already feels isolating for so many people, including staff and students, the pandemic did a number on people, and we still continue to see the lasting effects to this day.

As schools and the world began reopening we saw a need for community and well-being to be a focus for schools. We ran our (Re)Building Community Challenge Kits to address just that. All of our Challenge Kits conclude with time to celebrate thinking, and annually we gather students, parents, educators, supporters and more to celebrate all the thinking that happened that school year across all the Challenge Kits and programs we ran.

One of the great things about Integrative Thinking is how it shifts the mindset from thinking answers need to be quick to that thinking requires time. Although the pandemic was heartbreaking in so many ways and continues to have negative impacts on people all around the world, it made the whole world pause and think about how we interact with folks. For us, at I-Think it made us slow down our thinking and reanaylze how we gather people.

If you ask anyone on our team, the biggest joy of working with I-Think is speaking with the brilliant students and hearing their thinking. We knew that our first Celebration of Thinking back in person after all the years had to be special, the thinking both demanded and deserved it.

We planned a wonderful day of celebration and learning, with the focus being the voice and insights of young folks. Even though we planned it, we were blown away by the day, from the displays, the creativity, the student hosts, the student panel, the support of community, and so much more.

We were honoured to get to share the day with a wide audience with City News, as reporter Audra Brown captured our event. The students flocked to the camera and shared their stories, reaching the larger community of Toronto.

This annual event will always be near and dear to our hearts, and we hope to see it grow as the years go on. It is important to the well-being of our Integrative Thinking community and a way to let students know they have a community with us and with each other. As much as we want students to think deeply about the world around them, we want them to always remember to celebrate, and to remember they are worthy of celebration.

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