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Innovation Framework

Educators Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship Framework


Building Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship

I-Think created the Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship (ICE) framework used in the Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM). This framework and program equips students with the tools and mindsets necessary for future economic prosperity. 

Listen to Roger Martin, Chair of the I-Think Board of Directors, talk to two students about the importance of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship to their future.

ICE training takes a process-based approach to innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship; it encourages the application of key skills to a unique experience solving real-world, sector- relevant challenges, developed in consultation with sector partners. With the aim of developing engaged and contributing citizens, this training seeks to have students consider the impact and consequences of their innovations in the world. These experiences will allow students to try the tools, which will lead them to reflect and develop an understanding of their stance in the world. Will students be entrepreneurs after this training? No. And that is not the goal. This six-hour experience aims to expose students to ICE training skills and to inspire a shift in mindset.

3 Gears of Innovation

We ground the ICE training in 3 Gears of Innovation, the systematic process for enabling ICE:

Get to know the 3 gears


Beginner Experiences

Watch this video to see what students and teachers have to say about the experiences as beginners in the ICE program.

If your school is interested in SHSM ICE, please contact the SHSM lead at your school board. 

I-Think is an education charity that believes a better world depends upon equipping young people with the skills and confidence to drive change.

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