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☕️📝 Back To School Brunch 🍳🥣

A morning with colleagues to bring the “umph” to the start of the school year.

It’s hard out there right now. We’re in the perpetual pendulum swing between managing complex change to co-create the future of teaching and learning vs. the operations of running the school. Oh, and all those emails! The past 4 years have challenged leadership culture and the focus on school improvement, our collective hope, optimism and curiosity. 

Come back to what you love! 

Join your colleagues in sharing examples of their leadership moves in managing complex change. We’ll talk about the Vision, Skills, Motivation, Resources and Action Plan* required to lead during these times. Hear from a variety of speakers who will present for 10 minutes, followed by unconference-style discussions. 

And, of course, there will be brunch! 

Unlock knowledge and insight with colleagues and get energized through deep and meaningful discussions that will inform how you approach your leadership in September and throughout the year. 

*Taken from the Knoster Model

This event is designed by your colleagues: 
Anne Chirakal, Emma Nichols, and Judith Kramer

Event Information

Date: Wednesday, August 21st

Time: ☕️🥯🥣 Brunch 8:30am – 9:30am EST ☕️🥯🥣
Event – 9:30am-12:00pm EST

Fee: $99

Location: Downtown Toronto

Who it’s for: This event is for elementary and secondary Principals and Vice-Principals, Central Staff who support school leaders and Heads of Schools.

What to bring: yourself, a notebook and colleagues!

“Too often the conversation about school improvement gets buried beneath a never-ending cycle of operational due dates, parent concerns and student issues that demand an immediate response. Yet! Never have I felt such a compelling moral imperative to embrace and promote a culture of hope and optimism about the future of public education. 

We owe it to our children to help students and educators alike, move past the challenges of the last 5 years, and return our focus to building a foundation for school success. Now, more than ever, school leadership must be about collaborating with our colleagues to find the tools we need and the moves we can make to design, to innovate and ultimately, to restore the public’s faith in the ability of Ontario schools to meet the challenges of the 21st century.”

– Emma Nichols | Principal, Dundas Junior Public School, Toronto DSB

“An event like this would be important to nourish connections with leaders and foster collaboration for upcoming challenges. It is about cultivating a sense of purpose to develop factors that are essential for students’ achievement plans.”

– Rola Tibshirani | Vice-Principal, St.Benedict School, Ottawa Catholic SB

“As leaders we need to really think strategically about how we lead a school. We just can’t just show up, there need to be specific and strategic moves to actually impact change.”

“I’m looking forward to more leaders applying the Knoster Model for managing complex change. They might not have had the opportunity to think about their own vision, and how they’re leveraging the skills, the incentives, the resources and action plan to actually create change; and what does it actually look like for your school and being responsive to the needs in your building? In my first year as a school leader, I felt like I was constantly running on a treadmill hard, but making no impactful change. It wasn’t until I started really thinking about myself as a leader, being strategic, making bold moves and setting intentional structures for capacity building that everything started to shift.”

– Anne Chirakal | Principal, Central Technical School, Toronto DSB

“I-Think provides a framework centred in experiential learning that brings positive solutions to the needs it investigates. It allows every participant to have a voice and a hand in the emerging solutions. This is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to move forward in a complex society with multiple perspectives.”

– Francis Cronier-Thériault | Principal at École secondaire Michelle-O’Bonsawin, Conseil scolaire Viamonde

Need some inspiration to close out the year?

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