Summer Opportunities For Teachers

Psst! Summer 2024 is for lounging and learning. Get the edge on next school year through the Real-World Problem Solving Institute and Mini Challenge Kits.

Dive into Real-World Problem Solving and hands-on learning that will have you recharged and ready to wow your students in the fall!

AI Readiness For Educators Workshop

This summer’s workshop is now full. To express interest in future workshops and be the first to know, click the button below.

Not sure about Artificial Intelligence?

Join I-Think’s one-day AI Readiness Program to demystify AI and gain knowledge and tools for using it in your teaching practice. 

Why this workshop?

There is a lot of AI information out there, this workshop is designed specifically for teachers in the classroom. This fall, we piloted an AI Challenge Kit and discovered just how much teachers need a space to learn about AI and explore the implications for their practice. With its rapid advancements, AI is already present in your students’ lives and your classrooms, with everyone  likely using it without fully understanding its workings or limitations. Join this workshop to bridge that gap.

Location: Downtown Toronto

What you’ll experience:

  • Learning Environment: You’ll be welcomed into a collaborative learning environment of peers who value sharing insights, developing new ideas, and building valuable connections.
  • Scavenger Hunt with AI: Kickstart the day with a fun, hands-on ‘scavenger hunt’ using AI engines and tools. Discover how students might already be leveraging this technology in their daily lives and how it can be a powerful tool for them and you
  • AI and Critical Thinking Concept Modules:
    • How Large Language Models Work: Understand the mechanics (in plain language) behind AI language models and their classroom applications.
    • Algorithms, Bias, and Heuristics: Dive into the ethical considerations and biases inherent in AI algorithms.
    • Mental Models: Explore how mental models shape our interaction with technology and problem-solving.
    • Future-Ready Skills: Identify and discuss the essential skills such as creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking that are crucial for the future.
    • Opposing Models: Leveraging multiple stakeholder perspectives to identify insights and uncover deeper understanding.
  • Problem Solving Framework: Utilize the Pro-Pro Chart, a critical thinking tool developed by I-Think and inspired by the Integrative Thinking methodology, to explore opposing models of AI integration in education. This tool is part of the I-Think Real-World Problem Solving journey, helping educators to deepen their understanding and develop nuanced views on AI’s potential uses and implications.

Leave with:

  • An understanding of key AI concepts and limitations
  • Identify potential limitations and ethical concerns related to student interactions with AI
  • Hands-on experience using the Pro-Pro Chart 
  • Hands-on experience with AI tools and understand how students are exposed to and use AI
  • Critically evaluate the opportunities and challenges presented by AI in education
  • Discover thoughtful ways to incorporate AI into the classroom to enhance student learning and promote critical thinking
  • Collaborate with like-minded peers to share insights, develop new ideas, and build valuable connections

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