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I-Think provides frameworks for thinking creatively with empathy and bringing others into that thinking.

Climate Action Challenge Kits – For Partners & Funders

Our Climate Action Challenge Kits are action-oriented because without action, there is no change and we leave the next generation with anxiety, anger, dismay and frustration. If you are interested in learning what a partnership would look like, whether it be networking, funding, sponsorship, or lending your voice to our resources for students, let us know. 

AI Challenge Kits – For Partners & Funders

AI isn’t going anywhere and will continue to change the way in which we operate and live in this world. For young people it is a big part of the present and will be an even bigger part of their future. Like anything it comes with challenges we have to navigate through. Launching spring 2024 as part of the 100 Classroom Challenge, our AI Challenge Kits are for grades 6 – 12.

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